Data entry, github repository organizaion, summary posts about other SSWD experiments we’ve done… etc.

Organizational Goals

  • Image uploads for MUSP into our google drive –> I’m very behind
  • Finish data entry for Summer 2022 (yes… summer 2022…)
  • Create repositories for my various SSWD-related projects

Notebook Goals

  • Write up some summary notebook posts related to summer 2021, summer 2022, and the beginning of this summer’s experiments, the results, and the RNAseq data I have
  • Write up notebook post about star collections from this year, last year, and the first year (divers, locations, depths, times, number of stars, mode of transport, what the lab looked like.. etc)


  • Keep going with the experiment and keep up-to-date on the sample log data entry at the very least


  • Write up a scope of work summary for the NSF Grant - have summary done by this Friday (Aug 4th)