Today we had Crab meeting #3 and I tried out the bioanalyzer.

Crab Mtg #3

Today we had Crab Mtg #3. I presented my little .csv file )20180502_seq_subset.csv) that contains all the samples that RNA was isolated from and for which there was 20 ng/µL or more of RNA in the final samples.

I need help figuring out how to create a file that only contains those samples that have three samples per crab. Here is the GitHub Issue (#244). I see that Sam gave some instructions, so I will try those out tomorrow!


Sam showed me how to run some samples on the bioanalyzer! (MarScience bldg, Seeb Lab).

I ran it on tube numbers 274 and 401 (FRP 6210). These two tube numbers correspond to a crab (FRP 6210) for which I only have two successfully isolated samples. In other words, they are extras.

The bioanalyzer did not go well. We think this is because the RNA marker is too old. So I will try again tomorrow using the RNA marker from the new kit, while using all the other reagents from the old kit, becuase those all worked still.

I will also grab the data from that failed run and include in this post.

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • Work on data org. some more
  • Edit and publish Crab Mtg #3 recording (as DecaPod S1Ep7)
  • Run the bioanalyzer on those two samples again, using the new RNA marker
  • (Work on my presentation for my FISH 511 class - I present on Monday on “Oceanic Orgies”)