Today we had our first crab project meeting. Our plan is to meet the first Thursday of the month (subject to change if need be).

RNA isolation

We focused on sample picking for RNA isolation. My previous samples that I chose didn’t take into account the changing temperature. By that I mean that the crabs in pools 1 and 2 are all crabs that ended up in the cold water treatment. The other three treatment days had crabs in cold, warm, and ambient treatment, as shown by the different columns in the below picture. img

So what I have been tasked to do now is to follow crabs throughout the three temperature treatments. So I already have ten crabs that ended up in cold water. Now I’ll find 10 crabs that ended up in warm water, and 10 crabs that ended up in ambient water across all three sampling days.


Steven said that next week we’ll start a webpage that will be a one-stop-shop for all things crab project with links to my notebook and the podcast, etc.