Today we had our first crab meeting in MONTHS. Not much has changed due to the fact that we’re still waiting for our sequence data, but we discussed some things to do in the interim, met Shanelle and talked about her project and what she’ll be doing in our lab, and also talked about how I should start looking into conferences to present the research at!

Our bi-annual NPRB progress report is due July 31st, so we identified the things that have progressed since our last report:

  • We have 6 pooled samples being library prepped and sequenced at NWGC that account for sampling day and infection status

Things that we’ll do in the short-term and next 6 months:

  • design qPCR primers
  • plan for taking temp. regime into account for transcriptomes (use quant seq?)
  • assemble, annotate, and analyze our 6 transcriptomes once we get seq. data

Other notes:
Hemolymph smear slides will be read in January 2020 at NOAA Sandpoint by Christie

Potential conferences:

  • PCSGA?
    Portland, OR Sept 17-19, 2019
    (I emailed Julie - no more talks are being officially added, but she forwarded my email to crab session moderators - waiting to hear if they think there’ll be space for me to present)
  • NSA 2020
    Baltimore, MD Mar 29-Apr 2, 2020
    keeping an eye on when abstracts are due!
  • SICB-The Crustacean Society
    Austin, TX Jan 3-7, 2020
    Abstracts due: Sept 4, 2019
  • Ocean Sciences ???
    San Diego, CA Feb 16-21, 2020
    Abstracts due: Sept 11, 2019
  • AMSS
    Anchorage, AK 2020? or 2021? (Pam says they prefer to hear final rather than prelim. results….)

She’ll be receiving her tanner crab samples in the next week or so, once she gets them, she’ll be doing lab work here. Would love to interview her for a podcast episode!