Updates on progress of RNA isolation, DecaPod, and plan for the next week.

RNA Isolation

I isolated RNA from the warm crab sample tubes today! img

For tube 299, there was no visible hemolymph when I initially removed it from the freezer: img

Usually, I can see the hemolymph as an white-ish opaque clump at the bottom of the tube.


S1E5 is up: Crab meeting #2

Weekend/next week

I REALLY need to get more organized with my spreadsheets. I have a bunch of separate Qubit results spreadsheets, several large data sheets to do with crabs (morph spreadsheet; sampling spreadsheet; RNA isolation spreadsheet) that all need to be combined into one GIANT masterspreadsheet. I need to avoid copy and paste, but use what Pam showed me a couple weeks ago. I can’t quite remember how to do it, but I recorded her explanation, so hopefully listening to it will help!