Get some input from Emma on DIA and I start isolating RNA.

DIA Analysis

Emma came over and took a look at my 2015 Oysterseed Skyline DIA Analysis file. She said that it doesn’t look right and that I should re-do it and make sure I’m following Laura and Yaamini’s settings and/or comparing it to the Skyline document that she sent me.I looked at it a little today, but am just very confused. I have looked at the tutorial from SKyline, and followed the protocols, but I still don’t understand what’s going on. I’ll give it another go tomorrow morning before lab meeting.

RNA Isolation

Today I started isolating RNA. I started out with 9 samples from infected, ambient crabs. Here is the spreadsheet of all the samples that I will use for RNA isolation (if I’m unnsuccessful with any, there are many other samples I could use).