I’ve been working on finally wrapping up the 2015 Oysterseed DIA project. I feel like I’ve tied off the paper fairly well this past week, and have been working on cleaning up and organizing the repository today. Details in post.


I’ve cleaned up some old comments, added some more details in the captions, and double checked all of the links and protocols.

Google doc: Oyster-Larval-Proteomics-2015


I made a repository for the paper during pubathon, and it has turned into a repository for the project as well. The original repository combined both this project and the one that Shelley and Kaitlyn worked on.

Repository: grace-ac/paper-pacific.oyster-larvae

I deleted some extra files that were never used for anything related to the final paper, and added information to all of the readme.md files. I still have some tasks to finish up, as noted by my notes (my “to-do” items are boxed in orange):