Today I worked on trying to figure out what could have made my error rates from last week so awful. I re-did the Skyline DIA protocol many times and ended up realizing that some of my samples only had a few files listed in the protein, while others had all four. Asked Yaamini for clarification. I was told by Emma to make sure that I have four tabs in Skyline. Each tab represents a sample, and each sample has 4 files associated with it.

Here’s the post where Emma shared new info with me: here.
Here’s the post where I figure out how to make 4 tabs: here

Here is the GitHub issue detailing what I realized today: #290

Will revisit this issue when I’m back at SAFS on Tuesday. Tomorrow and Thursday I’m volunteering at Highline StormFest in Des Moines, WA, where I and other volunteers will teach 6th graders about stormwater and pollution!