Writing this halfway through the month of June, but it’s ok.


Successfully defended on June 2nd!!

To dos:

  • write an intro for my thesis tying two projects together (why is temperature important; why are these two species important)
  • submit thesis to Graduate School by June 25th (last day is Friday, June 26th) (electronic thesis)
  • submit master’s thesis approval form (committee) (form) by June 26th (I don’t think this has been submitted yet…?)

Crab stuff

  • DESeq2 on libraries 8-11 –> compare based on infection status to get effect of temperature (in progress: here)
  • Time series of individual crab RNAseq data (in progress: here)

Resources that I’ve been using to figure out the above tasks:

Things that might come in handy as I continue to try to figure these tasks out:

  • https://www.biostars.org/p/332329/
  • http://rstudio-pubs-static.s3.amazonaws.com/218660_7cbe1343ac434dbab59924a80ac2e815.html
  • https://rpubs.com/ge600/deseq2

I’ll create a more detailed post after I find out what works and why.

Oyster stuff

I think just go through the comments from Chelsea and Pam and clean it up.

Goal timeline:

By/on June 18th (this Thursday):

  • have new results for crab project
  • have meeting with Pam (and Steven and Sam) to go over crab project

By Jun 23rd (next Tuesday):

  • have thesis intro written
  • have oytser comments addressed
  • have progress made on new crab results discussion, etc

June 24th (next Wednesday):

  • make sure I know how I’ll submit thesis electronically (info linked in thesis section above)

Submit thesis to graduate school by June 25th!! (June 26th if needed)
Make sure committee signs and submits the form approving my submittal of an electronic thesis to the Graduate School (get signatures) by June 26th at the latest.