I forgot to do March goals at the beginning of the month… so here’s what my goals are for the rest of the month! Classes are over this Friday, and I’m not going anywhere for the break, so I think I can get this done!

Crab Project

We have identified a good method of extracting RNA from the hemolymph slurry (if there is hemolymph in the sample).

  1. Order more RNeasy Kit and QIA shredder columns for extractions
  2. Create an extraction plan (use 20-25 ul of slurry)
  3. Once kits arrive (or an arrival date is estimated) put on lab calendar the lab days (so whoever is around to help can help if they want)
  4. Extract RNA to create all the pools (12 pools)
  5. Send pooled samples (50ul samples with at least 20ng/ul (1000ng) of RNA) to NWGC for library prep and sequencing

2015 Oysterseed DIA

  • Create Venn diagram comparing the proteins expressed between the two treatments
  • Other basic comparisons between the two temperatures