I came back from Marrowstone on October 19th! It was a great three months out there working with Alyssa Gehman (Hakai Institute and UBC) and Miranda Winningham, with help from Paul Herschberger and the folks at USGS Marrowstone Field Station. Now that I’m back, it’s time to return to notebook posts, starting with Monthly Goals!!!

Crab Paper

Steven, Sam, and I resubmitted the paper to Marine Biotechnology last week… maybe the week before? We addressed the reviewer comments and are now waiting to hear back. Feels good to have that completed!

Oyster Paper

Welp, I did not do the things I wanted to do for this paper before leaving for Marrowstone… and then I didn’t do it at Marrowstone either… SO this week, my goal is to FINISH THIS PAPER and get the OK to submit to PeerJ, or maybe there’s another place to submit it - TBD.

To get to that point, I will:

  • Expand the discussion
  • Fix figure 2 into a easier-to-look-at pie (I have one made, but I want to make it a little prettier)
  • Make sure github repo for the paper is clean and easy to follow

Sea Star Project

Now that the experiments are complete and we have a bunch of samples and data entry to do, here’s what I’m hoping to get started on/complete this month:

  • Data entry from all the handwritten spreadsheets I have
  • Start writing what we did so that we don’t forget! Methods, materials used, etc.
  • Extract RNA from the sea star coelomocytes that were collected throughout the experiment (If I can get the extraction kits soon)