This coming week:

  • Finish extracting RNA for pools by next week
  • Select samples for 6 pools
    1. Day 9 infected
    2. Day 9 uninfected
    3. Day 12, cold, infected
    4. Day 12, cold, uninfected
    5. Day 12, warm, infected
    6. Day 12, warm, uninfected
  • Run those samples for pooling on bioanalyzer; if they look good, pool samples
  • Have 6 pooled samples ready to send over to NWGC by end of next week

Rest of month:

  • Assemble and annotate 4 transcriptomes we received data for (Day 12 infected, Day 12 uninfected, Day 26 infected, and Day 26 unninfected)
  • Have some results ready to present for GSS (November 14th - my talk is at 1:30pm)
  • Keep updating crab paper

Oyster project

  • FINISH PAPER!! October ended way sooner than I was expecting. Finish it ASAP so that I can send it off somewhere (Scientific Reports?) and focus on crab project
  • Clean up repo

MS SAFS Duties

  • Once crab extractions and sample pooling is done, finish MS proposal
  • Submit MS proposal (Chapter 1: Oyster; Chapter 2: Crab) and Plan of Study to school

One Health Certificate

  • Come up with plan of when I’ll do my capstone (likely Spring quarter)


Make sure I have a TA position lined up for Winter 2020 (waiting to hear back for one)