RNA Isolations continued

More RNA isolations and plan for data sheet organization for the week. Plan to try out Bioanalyzer.

RNA Isolations

First set
Infected, ambient: Tubes:

Qubit results:

Tube 178 has a really high number(26µL in the Qubit sample!), so I am going to pick a new crab to replace it because that seems odd to me.

Second set


Qubit results:

Note: I grabbed tube #37 instead of tube #73. Not a big deal because this tube luckily comes from a crab that survived the experiment (FRP: 6127) so if I need more uninfected ambient samples, I’ll just do the second and third sampling day from that crab. Tomorrow I’ll do the ACTUAL tube #73, along with a replacement set for the infected ambient crab that had an “out of range” result (Tube 141; FRP: 6183)


  • organize data sheets (R script from Steven)
  • Pick another crab and do tube #73 (4 samples total)
  • Run a few samples on bioanalyzer (Ask Sam)
Written on May 1, 2018