Today I did more reading on how to start assembling a transcriptome using Trinity with plans to formulate the beginning steps tomorrow and I interviewed Genevieve Johnson (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) on her thesis project doing Tanner Crab population genetics for a new soon-to-be published episode of DecaPod.


I read a lot of cool things about Trinity and here are some links to useful information:
Main Trinity wiki:
RNAseq Workshop slides:
Trinity de novo Transcriptome assembly workshop:

DecaPod S1E9

Genevieve Johnson stopped by today (she’s in Seattle for a conference) and I recorded her sharing her experience performing her thesis work on population genetics of Tanner Crabs of Alaska. It was a really good interview and she is very good at communicating, so I won’t have to spend too much time editing and publishing! Will be published either tonight or tomorrow! Woo!