October 2019 Goals


  • Work on paper
  • Pick samples accounting for temperature and infection status from master-qubit-sample.csv
  • Assemble transcriptomes, annotate etc. once new data arrives (should be any day now!)

Oysterseed project

  • Finish paper and have clean repo by October 18th!

MS duties

  • Finish my MS proposal (include oysterseed project as a chapter)
  • Prepare a timeline of project and presentation on current statuses and results
  • Have my first committee meeting by the end of October

OneHealth Certificate duties:

  • Do well in my current two classes: ENV H 586 and EPI 511
  • Meet with Dr. Peter Rabinowitz to learn about all requirements for certificate
  • Start coming up with a plan for a capstone project

Looking back on September:


  • I kept waiting for data - never arrived
  • I finished up preparation for PCSGA and presented (details on all I did: here)
  • Still haven’t interviewed Genevieve, but I WILL be interviewing Shanelle this Thursday before she heads back to the East Coast now that all of her labwork is done here

Oysterseed project

  • I did publish RAW and *.elib files to PRIDE (will find out to officially share that published data in paper soon)
Written on October 1, 2019