Today I submitted DecaPod RSS feed to Apple for approval to be published on iTunes! I also picked out some tubes for Tri-reagent RNA extraction without lyophilizing (it’s broken again) for Monday or Tuesday next week to get things moving again.


Instructions on how to submit a podcast to iTunes from Wordpress: here

Also, in the process of figuring out how to get the podcast on iTunes, I made a soundcloud account with the podcast episodes… isn’t actually necessary for publishing on iTunes… but here is the link anyway:

Tri-reagent RNA Extraction

The lyophilizer is out of commision again… Sam and I will be notified when it is usable again.

In the meantime, we’Ll try out the Tri-reagent protocol on some extra samples (an extra tube as well as some extra tubes from Day 26) without lyophilizing to see what our yield are like and if the samples are clean (Nanodrop/Bioanalyzer).

GitHub Issue #393