New qPCR machine arrived, training with Brian, and preliminary crab hemolymph sample picking for RNA isolation.

Today the new qPCR machine arrived. Brian showed us the basics of using the machine and the software. He offered to come back anytime once we start using the machine to help answer questions specific to our project.

I am working on figuring out how best to organize my notebook posts and information in the project-crab repo. I will base my organization of it off other repos.

Additionally, I will continue with the 2015 oysterseed DIA analysis tomorrow. I will also be picking some crab hemolymph samples to extract RNA from. Those will not be set in stone, but I will run the options past Steven and see what he thinks. Pam mentioned to me today that there is some more data regarding the maturity of the crabs that were sampled. There is a possibility that the maturity of some of the samples is no longer true because a new baseline may have been or will be established. Unsure if this should be taken into account when choosing samples for RNA extraction, but will choose samples based on a couple different scenarios.