I’ve been sick the past several days, and I’m finally feeling well enough to come in to SAFS. Today, since I’m still not back to normal, I spent the day reading some background information on SRM, Targeted proteomics, and general crab biology. I also outline some goals I have from now until the start of school on September 25th.

SRM, DIA, Skyline reading resources

General Crab Info

Pam lended me a book called “The Biology of Crabs” by G.F. Warner. It’s a great resource for biological and taxonomic background information on all things crustacean.

Goals for before school starts September 25th

  • Figure out this Skyline DIA thing once and for all! Emma has been busy, but hopefully next week she’ll be able to look at it
  • Analyze the 2015 Oysterseed data
  • As soon as the lyophilizer is fixed (hopefully soon!!), test out RNA extraction using Tri-Reagent
  • Continue to learn more background info on C. bairdi, Hematodinium, Bitter Crab disease, and the 2015 Oysterseed project