RNA Isolation

So yesterday was a success. However, I have used up essentially all of the 2-propanol, which means that today there is not enough for me to do another batch of 9…

I ordered more and hopefully they’ll come really soon!

There is enough in the bottle for one batch, but Laura wants to get her 14 samples done today before oysters start spawning at Manchester, so I’ll do mine once the 2-propanol gets in!

Pam has been here in lab the past several days performing qPCR on crab hemolymph from the project to determine the infection status of the samples. Many of the samples that were supposedly negative, are coming up as positive for Hematodinium infection. She is still working and the results of her qPCR will likely change my work on RNA isolation in terms of picking samples for pooling. To be continued…

DIA 2015 oysterseed

I’m still stuck on the error rate portion… at lab meeting today, Steven said the crab project is priority, so I will focus on that.


Pam and I were going to try to record a new episode (episode 1) today to explain the background of the project and why we’re doing it, but she’s a bit too busy with qPCR. So, we’re aiming for setting some time aside next week after our crab meeting on Thursday.

I am considering just recording a short episode tonight or tomorrow just giving an update on what I’m doing with the hemolymph and explaing what RNA isolation is and why I’m doing it.