Today I went through my R script for the RobertsLab/project-pacific.oyster-larvae project. I have a Volcano Plot and a Comparison Plot. I also did some data process plots: Profile Plots and QC Plots. I am working on updating the MS Stats protocol, and will include all the resources I used to create those plots. Additionally, I am beginning to read through the Oyster-Larval-Proteomics-2015 paper and am working on finding some new relevant citations. My goal for the month is to finish this project and paper!

MS Stats protocol and plots

GitHub Issue #516
R Script: Skyline-to-MSstats-format-and-plots.R

Work-in-progress MSStats protocol:

Resources used to create R Script:


Goals for this week regarding this project:

  • Understand what plots are and figure out what’s important
  • Figure out if other plots should be made (to be created next week)
  • Figure out if other analyses should be done (to be performed next week)
  • Work on organizing all the information