2015 Oysterseed DIA

  • Finish data analysis
  • Edit paper with new methods, etc.

Crab Project

RNA extractions

  • Re-run bioanalyzer on samples from Qiagen RNeasy Kit extraction
  • Extract RNA from 3 or 4 samples (Day 26) using new Trizol LS Reagent (add to bioanalyzer chip with the re-run samples)
  • Test out kit on geoduck hemolymph samples

Assembled transcriptome

  • BLAST with nt taxonomy database and get Order, Class, etc.

NPRB GSRA Application

I almost applied for this last year, but it was during my first official month as a graduate student and it felt like too much all at once.

But, I have a whole bunch of ideas written down that Pam has shared with me, and I want to apply! It is due by February 8th, so I want to get the majority of it taken care of this month. I will be speaking with Pam and Steven as I go through the application process and fine-tune what ideas will work best to propose.