My goals for this month are to continue my current work. I also look back on how I did in February.

  • Isolate crab hemolymph RNA
  • Weekly Podcasts
  • DIA on 2015 Oysterseed experiment (make some headway on this)

Looking back on February

  • Test out the microphones that I rented from the Student Technology Loan Project (they are due back on Feb. 7)
  • We bought a microphone for the Podcast: USB Microphone Samson Meteor Mic

  • Test out the RNA Isolation protocol on some of the extra Tanner crab hemolymph samples
  • I tested out the protocol and got some RNA using the Qubit
  • Continue working on the 2015 C. gigas oysterseed DIA analysis
  • I made it to the part in the protocol where I have to do error-checking. Still have to do that
  • Read more papers on Tanner crab, Hematodinium spp., gene expression, etc. I will be testing out how Mendeley will work for me in organizing the papers I read and for note-taking
  • I read a lot more papers with the help of assignments in my Proposal wriitng course (FISH 521) and my seminar class (FISH 514)