Oyster paper

  • read through paper (here)
  • address Matt’s comments, read other papers he provided, and expand the context for the paper
  • Possibly create new figures instead of the REVIGO dot plots (I received the script for creating Fig. 3 from Heckwolf et al. 2020, and we all really liked that as an option)
  • Clean up the github repo (grace-ac/paper-pacific.oyster-larvae)
  • Publish paper to PeerJ


  • Start and finish extracting RNA from oyster gill tissue and larvae for JPG and Lindsay (starting this week most likely)
  • Organize crab samples in FTR -80C since I’ll be on campus anyway
  • If have time and want other stuff to do: go through GitHub issues assigned to me (here)

Looking back on Feb:

Main thing is that I SUBMITTED THE CRAB PAPER TO SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 02/25/2021!!! It was submitted as an “In Review”, which is the equivalent of biorxiv, and there will be status updates of where the manuscript is in the submission and review process. Currently, it isn’t live, but when it is, I’ll create a notebook post.