Crab Project

RNA extractions and Libraries (Get this done before I go home Dec 21st)

  • Come up with RNA extraction plan for the remaining libraries
  • Perform extractions using Qiagen RNeasy Plus Micro Kit

    Data organization

  • Create new R scripts for adding new Qubit results data to a master file combining hemolymph sampling data and RNA extraction results data


  • Publish new Crab Meeting episode
  • Record new episode with library plan
  • Record an interview with Maddie Shipley (find a time to meet)

2015 Oysterseed

Peak Picking

  • Review peak picking/error rate calculations and perform
  • Get input from Emma on results

    Moving forward

  • If previous task is good to go, continue with analysis
  • Work on paper on this project Oyster-Larval-Proteomics-2015