Today I feel like breaking down my October goals by week.

Ongoing things for this month that I’ll do when I want to take a break from whatever tasks I’m doing:

  • Image organzation from summer 2023 experiments
  • Eelgrass: GeoHealth INTERN Appplication (working with Drew on this)

Oct 2 - 6

Sea Star Work

  • Create detailed and organized repositories for all the data I have! Separate repositories for each summer (2021, 2022, and 2023)
  • Update this summer’s sample log
  • Work on updating notebook from the summer work
  • Submit WSN abstract (due Friday)

Oct 9 - 13

Sea Star Work

  • See about getting help with data entry
  • Order extraction kits for this fall’s RNA extractions
  • revisit summer 2021 RNAseq work (will be what I present at WSN)

Oct 16 - 20

Sea Star Work

  • Continue transcriptomic work
  • Plan out extractions for fall

Oct 23 - 27

Sea Star Work

  • Continue transcriptomic work
  • If haven’t already started- get going on some extractions