I have not done well with keeping this notebook updated on a regular basis… so I am going to start writing myself physical notes to help remember! In the meantime, here’s a somewhat mid-month update on how I’ve been doing on my October goals:

Ongoing things:

  • sea star image organization: getting a day or two’s worth of photos filed from the summer every day this week and most days the previous weeks
  • Eelgrass NSF GeoHealth Supplement grant: have been meeting with Drew, working on drafts, contacting folks in various organizations, and setting up meetings to find a location for the internship and to have something ready for the proposal

Oct 2-6 Sea Star Work:

  • Create detailed and organized repositories for all the data I have! Separate repositories for each summer (2021, 2022, and 2023) <– NEARLY DONE! I have repositories made, but am working on adding deatils to the readme’s for information on all the projects.
  • Update this summer’s sample log <– DONE!! that took some time… we took a lot of samples this summer
  • Work on updating notebook from the summer work <– NOT DONE!!! Need to do.
  • Submit WSN abstract (due Friday) <– DONE

Oct 9 - 13

Sea Star Work

  • See about getting help with data entry <– DONE! Noah in the Roberts lab will be helping with it.
  • Order extraction kits for this fall’s RNA extractions <– NOT DONE! Need to do.
  • revisit summer 2021 RNAseq work (will be what I present at WSN) <– Done! And ongoing. Will be re-working the update I gave the Pycno working group earlier this year to make it more for a general audience/marine disease focused audience.

Oct 16 - 20

Sea Star Work

  • Continue transcriptomic work <– not there yet —> working on revisiting what I have already done and working it into WSN talk.
  • Plan out extractions for fall <– not there yet –> working on thinking about the samples I have and how many I’d reasonably like to work towards extracting (I have ~700+ samples… which is way probably way too many)