Initial info on making a Podcast from Audacity workshop at UW and Crab Hemolymph samples next steps - testing out the RNA isolation protocol.


I stopped by the UW Student Technology Loan Program in the basement of Kane Hall. I asked for recommendations on equipment for creating and publishing a podcast. I was recommended three different kind of audio recorders and have rented all three so that we can do trial runs to determine what we’d like to purchase. The three are

To publish a podcast, you have to have your podcast in mp3 format and use a software. There are many options, but here are three:

The podcast is part of the outreach portion of the NPRB Crab project proposal.

Crab Hemolymph Samples

Next steps for the crab project are to test out the RNA isolation protocol on some of the extra samples so that I have an understanding of the process before doing it with the samples I have chosen.