I prep for RNA isolation and understanding the protocol, and continue with the 2015 Oysterseed DIA.

RNA Isolation prep

I will test out the RNA isolation protocol on some of the extra crab hemolymph samples we have stored in the -80. Since we are using hemolymph and not tissue, we will not need to use a mortar and pestle. Instead, I found this information regarding liquid samples:

“C. Liquid Samples. Homogenize/lyse liquid samples using 1 ml of RNAzol® RT per 0.4 ml of a liquid sample. For processing a small volume sample, mix the sample with 1 ml of RNAzol® RT and supplement the mixture with water to approach the sample + water volume of 0.4 ml.”

This information was found here by looking at the mrcgene.com full protocol for RNAzol RT.

2015 Oysterseed DIA Analysis

I exported the Skyline data into a .csv report (Cg2015seed.csv). I will now do my best to follow Laura’s notebook protocol for DIA Analysis.