Today I tested out Qubit for the first time as well as moving on to step 4 in the DIA protocol.


I followed the protocol for Qubit to see if the two samples I processed on Friday contain any RNA.


Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to which sample was first, so I don’t know which one was out of range. But, one of them was out of range, and one of them had a concentration of 4.04 ng/µL.

Link to data file: here

I used 5µL of sample. So what does this mean? 2 things:

  1. I should use more µL of sample (I can use between 1 and 20µL. Sam recommended I start between 1 and 5 µL)
  2. There wasn’t any RNA in the sample that was “out of range”.

I think the only way to tell whether there was RNA or not would be to do it again, but with more µL of sample.

DIA Analysis

The .blib file from the original attempt at analyzing the 2015 Oysterseed data used all the files, so I am ready to get into Skyline again! I will continue tomorrow starting from Step 4.

This evening, I’m working on my proposal for FISH 521, due this week.