I tested out the RNA isolation protocol for the first time today, as well as have run into some difficulty in re-doing the DIA protocol.

RNA isolation

I (hopefully) successfully isolated RNA from samples 465 and 468 today!

I followed exactly what I posted on Tuesday. I have some clarifications to add to it, though, that Sam helped me with. img

I placed the two tubes containing the isolated RNA in the -80, in the box with the pellets of yellow-capped tubes (box 5 of 5), tray 14, column 4, row 4. They are two snap-cap tubes labeled “465” and “468”.

Next week:

Use Qubit to determine if I actuallly got any RNA in the two samples tubes!

DIA Analysis

I am stuck on Step 3a again. This happened last time and I found the old GitHub issue #118. I currently can’t stop thinking about food, so I think I’ll have to call it a day and go get some dinner! I’ll figure this out/create new GitHub issues next week.