Updates on RNA isolation; Podcast thoughts and subject matter thoughts; restarting the DIA analysis with the correct files.

RNA isolation

I am either blind or we don’t have it, but I could not find RNAzol RT. I found all the other reagents needed, but not the RNAzol. I thought I saw it, but it was DNAzol. So the RNA isolation has to wait until either someone proves me wrong and finds it, or we order more.

Podcast thoughts

Some things that I think would be interesting/fun to talk about are:

  • Update on project progress

  • Include specific processes - RNA isolation; etc. and maybe describe the science behind those processes

  • Talk about Bitter Crab Disease and things I learn from reading the literature: - crabs; bitter crab disease; temperature effects on disease; proteomics; etc.; etc.

  • Interviews: - Pam - Steven - People related to project or subject matter - Temperature and disease interactions on physiology; crabs; Alaska/Juneau specific issues - how the disease affects the people

I could change topic week-to-week but have it be related as a whole to the project.

The main concern I suppose with this podcast is the amount of time put into it and making sure it doesn’t inhibit my getting important things done. With that being said, I am really excited about the possibilities and learning more about this process.

DIA protocol

I started the process of the DIA analysis for the 2015 oyster seed data. I am converting all the .raw files (16 total) from owl to .mzML. It will take a while and I just started this at 5:30pm, so I’ll continue with the process tomorrow once the files are all converted.

Productivity and grad. school notes

I think having monthly goals is good, but what might work better for me is having weekly goals, because having four weeks to get these done might be too difficult to focus and be productive with. So I think I’m going to try having weekly goals first, and will also try to think of some sort of incentive to getting things done, because knowing that I have technically more than a week to get things done will likely make it difficult. I will work on thinking up better ways to be more successful at self-motivating when I don’t have hardset deadlines, which seems to be the general nature of graduate school.