Crab Results progress - GOslim transcriptome plot, macropinocytosis list and notes

Crab transcriptome GOslim

Got the BLAST output from the crab transcriptome to GO slim terms using 042320-bairdi_transcriptome-BLAST-to-GOslim.ipynb

Saved this GOslim text file: GOslim-P-pie.txt

GOslim was made in excel because that was easy for me. Removed “other biological processes” and other non-descriptive GOslim terms.



Macropinocytosis was identified as the only significantly enriched GO term from the 2019 crab dataset comparing the infected and uninfected crabs. (DAVID output: analyses/chart_12EFD.txt)

I made a list of the 12 genes that comprised the macropinocytosis in this Rmd. The list is here.

The genes were all (except one) described in Dictyostelium (slime mold), which is a protist. Hematodinium is also a protist… interesting. I’ve added some notes from papers and other things that I’ve found in the crab paper discussion section.


Figure made in excel: analyses/mort_fig.xlsx

Written on April 24, 2020