Made new crab transcriptome stress response gene list; notes on crab immunity and macropinocytosis

Today I made a new crab stress response table with more information. I also started an outline for the intro based on the meeting I had with Steven yesterday. I’ve been reading/finding resources about crab/crustacean immunity and macropinocytosis. Will add more to intro and discussion as I learn more.

New stress response gene list

Rmd: 042720-get_crab-stress_response-genelist.Rmd

New list:

The new list now has BLAST output from the crab transcriptome and the Uniprot-SP-GO information join-ed with the “stress response” list.

Crab paper

Working on:

  • Intro (reading about crab immunity to add to intro)
  • Results (will describe transcriptome more)
  • Discussion (will add more about macropinocytosis and what it means)
Written on April 29, 2020