Annotate 2019 infection status DEG list; short-term paper plan

Today I read a lot about crustacean immune systems and macropinocytosis. Notes in my crab paper. Additionally, SR and I met and chatted about short-term plan. I annotated the 2019 infection status DEG list. Details in post

Annotating DEG list from 2019 infection status comparison

Rmd: annotate-2019infection_status-DEGs.Rmd


Need for the file was pointed out by Steven when discussing results section of the crab paper. Added link to the file in the paper.

New short-term paper and crab project plan:

Goal is to focus on the paper and smooth it out. Get Intro and other sections in a more paragraph form.

Talk a little about macropinocytosis now, but don’t get hung up on it. Can go back to it later after the big picture things are written and described.

After I get things more smooth in the paper, I’ll look for some similar papers in crustacea or crab and compare the transcriptome assemblies by number of genes ID-ed, average size and N50s, etc.


Written on April 30, 2020