April 2020 Goals


  • finish paper


  • address lab-mates’ comments and finish paper

MS thesis

  • finish!!! and send to committee for comments
  • work on defense –> want to defend by second week of June (graduation ceremony Friday, June 12th) - related to above: set an MS defense date

Looking back on March:


  • Didn’t speak at NSA –> conference was canceled
  • Did start the manuscript!!
  • Have been working on analyses and results
  • Pandemic –> stay home order… so I didn’t help with qPCRs


  • I did finish the paper! But I have a lot of great comments by labmates’ to address to make it a good paper.


  • I have been working on my One Health capstone here and there - not too hard… a fun and small side project! I only have to give a 25 minute presentation of my findings to the One Health group. No paper needs to be written.
  • Haven’t officially set an MS defense date…
Written on May 1, 2020