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Oyster Paper Progress - Pubathon To-Dos for next week

I’ve made a little bit of progress with the oyster paper this week. I’ve read through it and have started to very casually browse through the literature to add more to my discussion. I also have been looking into creating better figures for Figs. 2 and 3, and have tried... [Read More]

March Goals

Oyster paper read through paper (here) address Matt’s comments, read other papers he provided, and expand the context for the paper Possibly create new figures instead of the REVIGO dot plots (I received the script for creating Fig. 3 from Heckwolf et al. 2020, and we all really liked that... [Read More]

February Goals

Crab Pubathon started last week, and we decided to share our goals for the upcoming week. My goal for this upcoming week is to address athe last couple comments on the paper, and have it formatted for Scientific Reports - our target journal. I’m aiming to have this done by... [Read More]