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More Tri-reagent Extractions

Today I extracted RNA from 10 samples from Day 26. These still had all three samples in the box, so they are all ###-1 tubes. The QUbit wouldn’t let me download the data from the USB. I’m not sure why, but luckily I wrote down, as I always do, the... [Read More]
Tags: RNAisolation

Plan for R and Bioanalyzer results

Today I discussed with Sam about how to use R for making a better master file. We identified some short term and long term goals for me to work on (and get help with via GitHub Issues). I also ran the Bioanalyzer on Test3 (from when lyophilizer was used and... [Read More]
Tags: R Bioanalyzer

October Goals

Crab Project Identify successful RNA extraction protocol Get extracting RNA going so that we can plan to send some more samples for library prep and sequencing Publish more DecaPod episodes (about 2 - one every two weeks) [Read More]
Tags: Goals