Create list of Trinity_IDs associated with GOslim "Stress response" from annotated crab transcriptome

Today I made a list of Trinity_IDs that are associated with the GOslim term “stress response” from the annotated crab transcriptome. I also clean up a few things in the project-crab/analyses repo… kind of.

Getting list:

Used this Rmd: 042720-get_crab-stress_response-genelist.Rmd

“stress response” Trinity ID list:
Not sure if I should join the above list with other information to make it more useful. Will ask in lab meeting tomorrow.

cleaning up a project-crab repo a little:

Move some files around, made a new directory in analyses for BLAST files: analyses/BLAST_to_GOslim

  • still looking up more about macropinocytosis and what it could mean that it’s enriched in infected crabs
  • editing and adding more to the crab paper
Written on February 27, 2020