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BLAST nt taxonomy with C bairdi had no taxonomy data

Today I checked on my finished BLAST on Mox with my assembled C. bairdi transcriptome and the nt taxonomy database. It finished after three-ish days, and the file was large. However, all of the taxonomy cells were “N/A”. I made a GitHub Issue, and got some input and am now... [Read More]
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DIA analysis 2015 Cg seed continued

Today I am continuing my work in MS stats and working with the exported Skyline report. I updated the protocol to document what I have been doing to get where I am. I am in contact with Meena from MS stats, who is helping me with an error that keeps... [Read More]

DIA protocol, and Next Steps

Today I worked on documenting what I did (writing up a protocol of sorts) that is in progress. I am re-doing a couple steps just so that I’m ABSOLUTELY certain where files came from, and I’m putting all the new outputs in a brand-new directory so that it’s just all... [Read More]
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