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Cold, Infected Pool with RNeasy and DecaPod S1E13

Today I edited and published S1E13 of DecaPod. In this episode I interview Madi Shipley (MS, SAFS) who works with Bering Sea Tanner crabs. I also extracted RNA from 8 samples (all Cold, infected, Day 26) using Qiagen RNeasy and definitely have enough RNA for a pool! [Read More]
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Submitted GSS poster, and my goals for Th and F

Today at 4:25pm, I submitted my poster to be printed for GSS, which is tomorrow… Steven helped a lot with picking out what information would be interesting to include. My goals for Thursday and Friday include both the Crab Project and the 2015 Oysterseed Project. [Read More]
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BLASTn with Blue Crab and Prep for GSS Poster

Today I BLASTn -ed Blue crab transcriptome with the assembled C. bairdi transcriptome on Mox. I also finished up some more things in my BLAST to GO GO-slim notebook with uniprot/sprot. Additionally, I got some input from Steven on how best to create a poster for GSS (which is this... [Read More]