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Re-tried Skyline DIA

Today I re-tried the Skyline DIA 2015 Oysterseed protocol. Emma has been pretty busy teaching her course these past several weeks and hasn’t been able to get back to me on my GitHub issue (#341). I re-did the protocol using the same files and quadruple checking all the settings. Things... [Read More]
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Reading and Goals for now until Sept. 25th

I’ve been sick the past several days, and I’m finally feeling well enough to come in to SAFS. Today, since I’m still not back to normal, I spent the day reading some background information on SRM, Targeted proteomics, and general crab biology. I also outline some goals I have from... [Read More]
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Speed Vac New Pool of 15 Samples

Today I speed vac-ed the new pool of 15 samples for a little over three hours. There is still more than 50ul in the tube, so I’ll put it back in the speed vac as soon as I am in tomorrow morning. [Read More]
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