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Trying out Walnut; Crab Pool Update

Today I started using Walnut (upgraded PECAN) to create a new BLIB file for the 2015 Oysterseed project. Hopefully this will improve the error rates in Skyline. Also, I called Pam to work on the NPRB progress report. Additionally, I detail Sam’s updates on the status of the Crab pool... [Read More]

Crab Pools and Skyline Update

Today Sam speed vac-ed the pools and put them on ice. We mixed the samples and ran Qubit. The readings were way too low. Sam got out hte Nanodrop and we ran them on that… and the readings were bad. Since I am out of town the rest of this... [Read More]

Notes from Crab Meeting

Today we had our 4th crab meeting and discussed our short-term sequencing plan for 3 libraries (1: day 9 uninfected; 2: day 9 infected; and 3:a “masterpool” from the reamining 10 treatments). We also discussed our plan going forward with qPCR and creating libraries later and we hopefully will see... [Read More]
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