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Trying GO-MWU with 2019 crab data

In this post I’ll detail what I’ve been trying in GO-MWU with the 2019 crab dataset, comparing infected and uninfected crabs. The post will detail progress from most recent attempt to frist attempts. [Read More]
Tags: GOMWU bairdi

edgeR practice: crab 2019 data

Haven’t posted in a long long time… so in today’s post I’ll detail what I’ve been up to with the crab project: paper progress and trying out edgeR for differential gene expression analyses. [Read More]
Tags: bairdi edgeR

March 2020 Goals

Crab Work on new results to share at NSA (my talk is March 30th 3:45pm EST) Start manuscript for real! Friday morning lab writing blocks for Pubathon “The Panic Edition” will help! Analyses After all my TA duties are done (will be done by March 20th!!) start helping with qPCR,... [Read More]