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January 2020 Goals

Crab Concentrate the 6 new pooled crab samples (recieved that sample kit of the RNA Clean and Concentrator -5 kit from Zymo – have a lot of time tomorrow to work on this) Submit 6 new pooled samples (to NWGC because we have the quote from them) Work on new... [Read More]

April 2020 Goals

Oyster Paper Finish solid draft by 4/2 or 4/3 at the latest and send out to lab for feedback [Read More]

December 2019 Goals

Crab: Submit 6 new pooled samples to NWGC (waiting to hear back about how to submit samples (GitHub Issue: #798)) Work on assembling transcriptomes and moving forward with other 4 pooled libraries we currently have [Read More]