We are starting week 4 of Pub-a-thon 2021! In this post I’ll detail what my goals are for Pub-a-thon over all, weekly goals, and my progress so far.

Papers and repos:



What I’ve done so far:

Focused on crab paper for now, as it’s the furthest along. I looked at what journals published similar papers, and saw that it was primarily BMC Genomics and Scientific Reports. Steven and I opted for aiming to publish in Scientific Reports.

Since then, I’ve been going through the requirements for publication and formatting the paper accordingly.

Links to where there are submission guidelines and other info for authors wanting to submit:

I’ve also been comparing the crab paper to Emma et al.’s 2020 paper published in Scientific Reports: Larval Geoduck (Panopea generosa) Proteomic Response to Ciliates.

Where I’m at this week:

I’m finishing up formatting the paper for Scientific Reports, and working on finishing cleaning up the paper GitHub repo. I’m hoping to publish the repo on Zenodo or Figshare at the end of the week, and that will be referenced in the paper.

For the paper, I’m working on getting the Abstract to be 200 words or less. I cut out a lot of words, and it’s now 181, so I can add more details if need be. I’m also working on the cover letter, but I feel that it’s pretty much complete.

Once the abstract is all set and other sections seem good, I’m going to format the citations using Paper Pile in google docs to the Nature specifications. I don’t think I’ll have to do too much to fix them after Paper Pile does it, but sometimes citations with Paper Pile can get a little wonky, so I’ll just go through them and make sure they all look good.

Finally, I’ll make sure I have all the sections in the correct order according to the specifications detailed at the links above. Then, it should be ready to go!

Overall goals for this year’s Pub-a-thon:

Submit the crab and the oyster papers!

Crab paper:

Submit to Scientific Reports by the end of this month (February).

Oyster paper:

Matt provided some great comments and suggestions, that I’ll go through after I’m done with the crab paper. Then I’ll make sure the GitHub repo is all updated, and then I think Steven and I decided to do PeerJ for the oyster paper, but I can’t quite remember. Hoping to have that done by the end of Pub-a-thon!