Plan for what I want to get done this week.

Data organization

I am REALLY working this week with Steven this week to figure out how to make a really clean and usable master sheet with all the important data.

We are thinking of organizing the data based on the FRP (unique crab identifier), and have each crab have only ONE row of data. Will require a LOT of columns, but we can do it.

RNA Isolation and Goals for week

Pooling scheme

We figured out a general pooling schema: Day 9 (no temp treatment exposure yet) 2 pools –> Infected and Uninfected Day 12 4 pools –> Cold: Infected and uninfected; Ambient: Infected and uninfected Day 26 4 pools –> Cold: Infected and uninfected; Ambient: infected and uninfected

I will isolated more RNA so that I get 6 individuals from the warm treatments for sample Day 12. That will add two more pools of Day 12 Warm: Infected and uninfected

Total pooling of what we have currently: 10 pools What we will add if I can successfully pool more: 12 total pools

RNA Isolation and Goals

My goal is to have 6 Warm infected and 6 warm uninfected crabs sampled (24 samples total, because I will do Day 9 and Day 12) by Friday


Publish Ep 9 this week - recording of todays meeting.